British Gas Help Twitter account hacked, customers pointed towards phishing sites


It appears that British Gas’s support team suffered a social media hack earlier today, which saw their Twitter account compromised by online criminals.

The account @BritishGasHelp is normally busy helping people with boiler breakdowns, so it was curious to see some strange tweets coming from the company:

British Gas tweets

I’m laughing so much right now at this [LINK]

haha this tweet by you is cool [LINK]

haha I hd a strange feeling this is yours [LINK]

lamo u got 2 see this, its awesome [LINK]

Hardly the normal kind of messages you would expect from British Gas.

If you were curious to find out what the company was up to, you might make the mistake of clicking on one of the links.

Twitter phishing page

Although to the casual observer it might look like the real Twitter site asking you to re-enter your credentials, the truth is that it’s a phishing site designed to steal your userid and password.

Before you know it, *your* account will have been hijacked by spammers and scammers - just like the British Gas Help one.

Fortunately, the team at British Gas seem to be on the ball this weekend and appear to have now recovered control of their account.

British Gas acknowledges Twitter hack

Remember to always be careful about where you enter your Twitter password, and enable two factor authentication to reduce the risk of your own account being compromised.

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  1. Arial “Air” King

    June 23, 2014 at 6:53 am #

    The world is too crazy and insecure. Hackers can get very personal information that they need by hacking. Sometimes, they can even find out the password using special hack tools. It’s worth mentioning that hack can be very useful in certain condition. A child of my neighborhood behaved erratically some time ago, her parents used Micro keylogger to get her FB password to find that someone was trying to tempt her into taking drugs. That is terrible.

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