David LaVeque

David LaVeque has been an Android enthusiast since his first device, an HTC Evo 4g lte - only a few years ago. He became interested in the infosec community while researching updates, and says he stumbled upon a security blogger who ignited his passion for security and privacy issues. David loves searching out and experimenting with all kinds of utility apps, and is a voracious reader of security blogs and research papers.

3 articles posted by David LaVeque

Google insists on full-disk encryption for new Android 6.0 devices

In a boost for user privacy, Google now requires full device encryption on new Android 6.0 devices.

David LaVeque reports.

Mobile ad network used in monster-sized DDoS attack, claims report

The Javascript-based DDoS attack saw a flood of browser-based traffic peak at a whopping 275,000 http requests per second.

David LaVeque reports.

Google keeps its promise, and begins rolling out monthly Android security updates

It’s good that Google is keeping its word, but is enough being done to keep Android users safe from malware threats?

David LaVeque discusses.