David Harley

  David Harley’s academic background is in social sciences and computer science, which he fondly imagines entitles him to pontificate on practically anything. He was formerly security analyst at Imperial Cancer Research Fund and then managed the NHS Information Authority’s Threat Assessment Centre. Since 2006 he has been an independent consultant and jobbing author, working mostly with the security company ESET, where he holds the position of Senior Research Fellow. He has written/co-written about a dozen security books, innumerable conference papers, and more blog articles than anyone can reasonably be expected to write. If he had any free time, he would spend most of it playing the guitar, and the rest maintaining his own blogs.


David Harley

2 Stories by David Harley

Support scammers – at your service!

Anti-virus veteran David Harley has another look at tech support scammers – and warns of the suspicious “Windows Service Center”.

3 3 min read

Tech support scams and the wisdom of Solomon

Fed up of technical support scams?

Fingers crossed the scammers all get round to calling Dr Solomon, after which they’ll be so discouraged that they’ll...

10 2 min read