Contributor guidelines

Guest writerIf you know about computer security, can write high-quality content, and fit in with our style, we'd love to consider you as a guest writer for Graham Cluley Security News.

Whether you want to write about a security issue in the news, offer how-to advice on how internet users can protect themselves better, or discuss trends in computer security and privacy, we would be interested in hearing about it.

Note that we would not typically publish articles that review or promote a particular product or service. (We have sponsorship opportunities for that kind of thing.)

Instead, we're looking for high-quality content which the website's audience will find interesting.

If that doesn't put you off, here's how you go about submitting your content for consideration:

  • Send an ASCII text file - not Word! - containing your article to . If you don't know what an ASCII text file is, you're probably not the kind of person we're looking for - sorry.
  • Attach any images which might help illustrate the article to the email. Right-aligned images should be 170 pixels in width. Full width images should be no more than 600 pixels in width.
  • Ideally, use basic HTML to write your file. By that I mean use <a href="URL">, <strong>, <em>, but don't try to do anything snazzy with <font>, <span>, <div>, or <style>.
  • Paragraphs should ideally be no more than one or two sentences to aid comprehension. Look at the BBC News site for inspiration, and read previous articles on this site to get a feel for the writing style. We're aiming for informative but friendly, trying to explain things to a wide audience.
  • Please avoid any "smart" curly quotation marks and apostrophes, as well as en or em dashes, that mess up our CMS - so use a hyphen or minus sign instead. Microsoft Word has a habit of inserting "smart" punctuation into documents and they're a pain to weed out.
  • You'll appear on our list of guest contributors, so make sure not to forget to send us your photograph and a brief biog (more details on what that can contain below).

Confused? Got a question? Drop us a line and we'll try to explain.

Some examples

Check out these examples of of guest contributions to the site by David Bisson, Mikko Hyppönen and Yasin Soliman. They should give you an idea of the kind of thing we're looking for.

Other notes

I'm afraid that we don't guarantee that we will publish articles you submit, but it will be reviewed and a decision made as to whether it's appropriate for the site. Unfortunately workload means that it is not possible to give detailed feedback.

We reserve the right to edit the post as needed for style, content, length, etc. Our policy is to give guest authors a chance to review our edits before posting when possible, but we will retain the final editorial control.

By submitting a post to us, you are affirming that the content is original to you, the author, and has not appeared elsewhere online or in print. (In rare circumstances we will accept material that has already been published. If you feel like this should be the case for your article, please state where and when it ran when you pitch your post.)

We don't pay for guest posts. Sorry about that. Maybe we will be able to do that one day. Right now though I can promise that you'll get a wide audience of readers, and some great exposure. The site receives over 400,000 page views a month, attracting on average over 100,000 unique visitors every week. In addition, your article will be promoted on our social channels, including Twitter (currently 66,792 followers).

Affiliate links in articles are a big no-no, and attempts to "guest blog" for SEO juice will simply result in articles being declined or links removed.

However, we do want you to get some exposure for your hard work. Every guest author gets a short bio (two to three sentences) in their author biog at the end of the article where you can link to your company, blog, projects, Twitter, etc.

Please note: your article must not promote companies that you work for or have a business relationship with. If you mention a company you have a relationship with, now or in the past, you must disclose this to us.

If this all sounds good, please submit your post at .

We're looking forward to hearing from you!